What platform do you build my website on?

Squarespace for most clients with no shopping cart.
Wordpress for database driven websites with complicated features.
Shopify for Webstores with robust shopping solutions.

How Long does it take?

You can expect 2-3 weeks for websites without shopping.

And 3-4 weeks with shopping cart and new images and product descriptions.

Site that are transfers from Wordpress to Squarespace are in the 1-2 week range.

Prices for your services?

Most complete Websites projects are in the $250-$1500 range depending on complications and needs.

Photography usually $200-500

Videos- $200-600 depending on length and features.

Updates 35-100$ per update depending on job

What makes you better than other web design companies?

We get personal with every business and really study the issues faced and create working solutions.
We insure you success by continuing to work on site though success after success.